Private Life Cams Models


Adult Reality Cam Models Wanted

Live your life and make money from home!

We Are Looking For

Fun and playful models who like to be watched

Be a Star

Share your life with others


Multiple ways to produce income

About Reality Cams:

How does it work?

We provide you with small easy to setup cameras
No direct interaction with cameras; go about your life as normal
You supply your fun lifestyle!

Advantages over webcamming

  • No Chatting
  • No long hours in front of your pc
  • Abilty to make money 24/7
  • Abilty to grow your income
  • Multiple methods to create an income


  • Be fun and playful
  • High speed internet with an strong "upload speed"
  • No minors in the household
  • Comfortable with multiple cameras

Revenue Methods:

#1 Bring your own fans from Instagram, Twitter etc

Convert JUST ONE FAN a day into a re-billing member **

Month Members Income
 1st  30  $575
 2nd  60  $1025
 3rd  120  $2050
 4th  240  $4100
When a fan joins you receive 70% of the sale each month they remain a member
** Assumes no members cancel

Select how many of your fans would join to watch your private life
You would earn $ per month just from fans alone*

#2 Models Base Pay

50% of our sales are split among models, payout based on models ranking

** takes 14.5% for credit card billing
Equipment Cost: $100 will be deducted for each camera we supply, this will be refunded once the equipent is returned

How often am I paid?

For Fans Referrals - Once a week by check or direct deposit

Base Pay - Payed monthly by check

How do I get credit for fans?

Send your fans to your profile page by post it on your social media (e.g. Instagram, Twitter, etc)

How often will I be paid from bringing my own fans?

Weekly pay from

How do I know I am recieving my 70%?

The referrals are handled and paid by a 3rd party billing company

What if I have no fans?

Not a problem, we have other methods for you to make money

How is Ranking Determined

Ranking is calculated by how often cameras and videos are watched each month

What is the average base pay paid

The average runs from $400 - $2000 a month

Our Sites:

Adult Reality Cams

Like a reality tv show you live your fun, sexy, and playful life as normal with muiltiple cameras throughout your home

Private Life Cams

Show us the fun you have in your private time, the things people dream of seeing; Cameras are only in select areas of your home

Additional Questions

We need a minimum of 3 cameras, but the more you have the more money you will make

We need at least one in the bedroom, if possible one in a non sexual area like the livingroom

Yes, we can still work with you

Get Started Now!

** May take a few minutes to upload image

Or send an e-mail and include a recent picture